Unique Spoon Carved Antique Secretary Desk Circa Early 1900s

By Amanda | December 1, 2012 

This secretary desk is an artistic style circa late 1890 up to 1920, Antique desk, hand made with mixed woods and recently hand painted by Amanda from Vintage Hip Décor for an updated look.
Versailles Chalk Paint is a soft delicate lightly yellowed dusky green that is sophisticated and gentle and looks perfect on this piece of furniture. It is a color which picks up other colors well and changes character accordingly. Old Violet - another stunning Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color - a color like deep Parma violets or blue lavender, compliments the interior of the desk. It is a beautiful 18th century color used for coloring the inside of furniture- like the lining of a jacket. Finally, it was waxed with clear wax to seal and protect the piece for years to come.
It is unique, with gorgeous spoon carvings and stunning hardware that makes it stand out as a must-have piece!
Generally, it is in excellent condition (considering the age of this piece) and a solid, sturdy piece of furniture. It seems that some unprofessional repair work to it in the past, but none of this takes away from the beauty of this piece! 

Selling our painted pieces of furniture on Etsy

By Amanda | October 25, 2012

Probably a month after Karla and I decided to go full steam ahead with our business idea of painting furniture (or as we like to say, create pieces of art), we joined Etsy and opened up shop. Karla was already a member of Etsy, and I have heard about it before. Some quick research online convinced us that it was the way to go for our newly founded business.

It is much simpler than selling on eBay for instance. The listing fees are very affordable and the percentage of commission they take after a sale is also more reasonable. Their site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Best of all is that they advertise for the sellers on google so that your items can come up in online searches.


It was straightforward and fast to start selling our items through this platform, and we can recommend it to anyone out there, that would like to start selling online. The only requirement is that you sell something that you made yourself, and since we renew furniture with paint, we qualified to begin trading on Etsy.

This table was our very first listing and very first sale on Etsy, and it sold the very next day after we listed it.

To our utter amazement, we had a sale the next day after opening a shop and again the day after that. So it went on with frequent sales, and we continued to be amazed and happy with our results on Etsy.

A  Solid Wood county kitchen table that we painted in a lovely olive green. We used distressing techniques and lots of dark wax to give an old fashioned look that further enhanced this vintage table.

Most of our pieces are offered for sale right here on our website now, but you can still visit our Etsy shop if that is what you prefer to do. Thanks again for looking, we appreciate it!

Fixing up the Scalloped Shaped Accent Table

By Amanda | October 11, 2012 

This side table was one of the first exciting pieces of furniture we found. It needed a little bit of help to become “new” once more. Call it up-cycle, recycle whatever cycle you wish, but I don’t see why a magnificent piece like this, should end up in the garbage dump prematurely!

One of the very few pieces, so far, we have not painted. I think it would have looked nice, either way, but we went with wax only on this one.

It needed very little TLC to get it in tip-top shape. We just sanded the top to make it smooth and tightened a couple of screws on the legs to make it sturdy again. I applied a layer of Annie Sloan Clear Wax to the entire piece, to protect and give it a beautiful luster.

My original idea was to add a mirror that was the same size and scalloped shape as the top. After getting estimates and advice from a couple of glass stores, the best option was to go with a round shaped mirror. Firstly, it was expensive to have a custom scalloped shape mirror cut, but most of all, the experts reckoned, that it would be weaker and might easily crack. I don’t like to take no for an answer, but this time I decided to take their advice since I didn’t want anything like that to happen once it sold.

This unique accent table was found on Etsy by someone that loves unique pieces of furniture and guess what? It was boxed and shipped via Greyhound Package Xpress to Arizona and reached its destination intact.

How we started a furniture painting business

By Amanda | June 4, 2012 

This dresser is the piece of furniture that sparked the idea of jumping into a new venture of starting a furniture painting business. We are a mother and daughter that had a long time dream of owning our own creative business. Interior design and shopping at vintage stores are one of our favorite things to do. We are always on the hunt for decorative pieces of furniture and smalls.

We both love interior design and like to think that it is our passion in life. Watching the Nate Berkus show inspired us to let our creative juices flow! I watched an episode that featured Shaunna West from Perfectly Imperfect. She talked about painting furniture with Milk Paint.

Karla, in turn, watched an episode featuring Miss Mustard Seed, that spoke about Chalk Paint. Unbeknown to me, Karla was following their blogs online and got the idea of painting a dresser for her bedroom and throwing her old Ikea furniture out. Well, it did not take us long to find just the right one at one of our local vintage stores.

While we were painting this dresser for Karla’s bedroom, the idea of starting a business came to us in no uncertain terms. I remember telling Karla; we can do this! “This is how many small businesses start – right in the back yard, ” I said her. The whole thing took off from there, and by the next day, we had found our first piece of furniture to paint. That inspired us to Google about these paints that the two ladies spoke of on the Nate Berkus Show.

Well, when we searched to find a retailer that stocked the Chalk Paint, we were surprised to hear that it is a brand new thing in America and that a small store close by, just started sharing it a week prior. Our excitement was through the roof and felt that “all of this” was meant to be.

Karla is currently a student with a business major, and she plans to do some interior design course after she graduates. I, in turn, have started up a couple of businesses in my lifetime. The entrepreneurial spirit burns strong in my soul. One of them was a paint retail store and thinking back now, paint and color, was always a part of my life in some way or the other. I remember getting very excited when the teacher just spoke about art class when I was in first grade. Then in my high school years, I was privileged to enroll in art and design classes.

I LOVE color and being able to work with it so extensively now, is such a blessing! Never did we think that we will end up starting a business together, but it turns out to work magnificently.

Karla keeps it hip and vibrant with all of her young and fresh ideas, and that is what we strive to do. Vintage, yet hip, current and beautifully vibrant!

It made perfect sense when we decided to paint furniture and give it a renewed look with our style and color preferences. There is so much that can be done to bring new life to an old, boring, blah piece of furniture that the possibilities are endless! We like to think that we are keeping some of the unwanted, brown furniture from ending up at the landfill.

We dream of owning our decorating store in the future where we can share all of our ideas and inspiration with other folks that like to color their surrounding beautifully as we do.